I am 38 years of age, born down in the South. I have a love for the beauty of change and that includes our hair extensions. I have an Bachelor degree in Business and I only want to provide the best hair extensions at a affordable price. I started my company for over a year now because I honestly got  tired of spending my money and yet still not half satisfied on my purchases over the years. I wanted to do something that one day I can look back and know I done something that's memorable . I have invested countless hours, months and years to ensure only to offer the best quality of hair extensions. We are dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied with your order. We understand that you are a representative of our company. When you look and feel good, we look and feel good as customer satisfaction is what we pride on. Our company import directly from the Indian Temple in India with our Raw hair collection. Our Raw hair is specifically hand pick from one donor with cuticle aligned in one direction on each weft which hence why our hair has minimal shedding. We only provide quality Authentic hair extension for ALL women to embrace their outer beauty that each of us already possess on the inside. Flow your movements in your everyday life.  NeuDivine Perfections hair extensions will last year’s not months with proper hair care, will flow effortless and color like a dream. Invest in quality, longevity and excellence.